Our Think-Tank specialists created a unique solution that stores ‘business logic’ in the form of ‘process structure’ similar to ‘data structures’ inside the database which is completely unique unlike other conventional methods.

This unique approach minimizes the time and effort to build any enterprise application and made the job easier to manage in change management.


The Application Development group of Infoway technologies is engaged in designing and providing customized applications using Client Server technologies with strong skills in the areas of front end tools such as

Database engines such as Oracle, Ms SQL are used for the scalability of the end product.


  • High level definitions are used to build enterprise applications.
  • Business Logic are defined as process structures.
  • Process structures are stored in the database.
  • Process structures are parsed and rendered by Real Time Engine.
  • This Engine is neither a code generator nor an interpreter.
  • Changes in Process Structures in order to modifies the application.
  • Implemented using high Standard Security Process.
  • Infoway Technologies has a commitment to provide for the best in all areas, with attention to detail and the verve to provide service excellence through continuous efforts. The mechanism of delivering the most robust participation in the process of acquiring the building blocks for growth, we bring the promise of dedicated effort for our clients.

    With Customized to fit your current process, you will be ushering in a state-of-the-art information system, which can continually and quickly bridge the gap between IT and your changing process at costs that are much less than other traditional business Specific products are unique and have been created using Business process management Technology.

  • No programming and hence no rigidity.
  • Only Process definitions that are highly flexible and easily changeable.
  • Built-in data security at all levels to give you absolute pace of mind.
  • Getting new reports or having changes made to existing one are new hassle free and quick too.
  • Any process change is simple and quick, costing least in terms of both time and money.

  • is the perfect way to usher in a new era of managing ever-changing business scenarios.